December 16, 2014

Recent finds ...

If you're like me, you can completely appreciate an old snippet of needlepoint ... and rarely do I pass one up when I find it at the bottom of an unwanted pile of scrap material.

In my opinion, the dedication and artistry spent on creating these treasures should not go unappreciated ... although rarely without a missing stitch, stain, or imperfection - usually caused by age, these are beautiful reminders of a simpler time.

From now on, I think it will be my personal goal to rescue everyone I can find.
What do you find beauty in and are willing to rescue?

December 15, 2014

Simply done ...

Hello strangers!

I have been spending more time these days over on Facebook, but I really want to get into a better practice of sharing here on the website as well. So, that being said, I thought it would be perfect to show with you a few things I'm working on for the holiday and winter decorating season.

First, a simple little decoration I put together for the old vintage pair of white woolen mittens are the perfect seasonal "vase" for fresh greens and the fresh greens being rosemary. I love the smell of fresh rosemary and it mingles so nice with fresh pine. Plus, there is a huge bush of rosemary right outside my kitchen door ... easy pickins' for sure! Mittens and rosemary all tied up with some natural jute twine and hung from the cabinet door. So simple !!

Next, I assembled a few more sprigs of rosemary, a handful of vintage bottles (vintage Pyrex baby bottles, to be exact), white candles, and the same jute twine to make simple centerpieces to be used down the middle of the table.

They work nicely as a group or individually .... 

Again, so simple!!

Later this week I'll be sharing some tablescapes and place settings I'm working on for an upcoming presentation.

I do hope you'll come back for a visit!

July 18, 2014

Have you heard??...

Have you heard that the new on-line shop is OPEN?
and, have you heard ... I forgot to add a link in my original post to where you can find it??

Yep, that's me ... so excited to let you know we're open I forgot to give you a link!

So .... I'm extending the sale for another week, it's only fair to give you a chance to take a peek around and maybe make a purchase , or two ...

You can still use the code: OPEN and receive 30% off your entire order.

Thanks Ladies! See you in the shop ... HERE

July 13, 2014

Grand Opening - IRONSTONE SALE

We are happy to announce our GRAND OPENING today !!

Won't you please stop by and take a look ?
I know you'll like the items ... they are ALL ironstone!

If you happen to see something you like, there is a special code for you to use below ...

Shop will ONLY be open TODAY, {Sunday, July 13th} ... plus July 14th and July 15th. 

Our next shopping event dates will be: August 1st through the 3rd

This weekend we are offering ALL of our FAVORITE pieces of antique ironstone for sale. Here are a few examples ...


Total goodness, right? Okay, here's that discount code I promised.

Use code: OPEN
and you will receive 30% off your ENTIRE purchase !!

Enjoy your shopping ... we hope to "see" you there!


June 22, 2014

A simple Sunday

I like to keep things simple.

I don't need a lot to keep me entertained or happy ...

A nice day in the park {or beach, or mountains ... you get the idea!} painting.
Just me, a box of paints and a blank canvas.

Simply perfect!
Enjoy your perfect day ... today!

May 4, 2014

Bits and Bobs

What a perfect spring day it was yesterday! 
I enjoyed it from inside, looking through my window ... pollen was so thick yesterday it forced me to stay inside. 

No worries, I had a great time putting together some "bits and bobs" collections to sell over on Facebook. I'm testing out a new auction formatted selling page. 

Here's some photos of collections I came up with ...

Neutral in tone ... faded whites mixed with creams, taupe, and tan.

Pretty sea glass colors of turquoise,blue, and green.

... and lastly blush pink coupled with browns and cream.

You can find the auction page HERE, but beware ... there are many pretties to see!

Auctions end tonight, Sunday 5/4 at 9pm CST.

Happy bidding xoxoxo

April 29, 2014

Rainy Day(s) ....

The weather forecast for the next three days is RAIN. Since I won't be digging into the garden anytime soon, I'll be digging into this pile of lace ... no complaints here, this is one of my FAVORITE places to dig ~and play !!

Do you have any rainy day plans? ... or sunny day plans?